• Policy for Health, Safety, Security, Sustainability and Environmental Protection Future gate management is committed to adhere to the following principles in the areas of Health, Safety, Security, Sustainability and Environmental Protection (HS³E):
    We integrate HS³E into all our activities and strive for continuous improvement of our performance. As a contribution to this we set ourselves ambitious goals and develop tailor-made HS³E solutions.
    We promote and protect the health of our employees. We are committed to an extensive range of medical services, from prevention to health-promotion packages.
    We rise to our responsibility for the environment and for climate protection. In this context, we shape our processes in such a way that environmental effects and the use of energy and resources are minimized.
    We aim to be an attractive employer, reliable partner and good neighbor. That is why we take on our social responsibility and are involved in a wide range of projects in the host communities where our sites are located. We are in an open and constructive dialogue with all our stakeholders.
    We pledge ourselves to adhere to international conventions, local laws and regulations and our self-set standards with regard to protecting people and the environment.
    We are convinced: "Everybody counts." – Everyone working within future gate organization contributes to the implementation of this policy through their well-thought-out and dedicated action.
    Economic success does not prevail over safety, health or environmental issues. Nothing is so urgent or so important that justifies neglecting these HS³E principles.