About Us

  • Future gate has gone from strength to strength with only one goal in mind - to serve customers in the oil and gas service best. Throughout our journey, , we have taken it upon ourselves to stay true to our core objectives and beliefs - Quality and Customer Satisfaction. In doing so, we have always gone the extra mile not only to meet but also exceed our customers’ expectations, something we have been doing most successfully.

    Future gate provides chemical cleaning services for marine and commissioning applications Future gate pickling and passivation works working in this field and giving good results to our clients. We perform pickling and passivation of stainless steel for large heat exchangers and desalination plants, retro-jetting, and chemical cleaning of boilers and carbon steel pipeline. Tank cleaning, Electro polishing Our cleaning and preservation processes comply with internationally accepted and proven standards, and are carried out under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced engineers It undertakes job work contract at sites, Pickling Passivation & Buffing job work of Stainless Steel equipment, fabricated Stainless Steel and Inconel Vessels, Tanks, Equipment, Aluminum wash, MS carbon wash. Etc.

    We have developed a special product for pickling. It’s amazing acid like water. The unique feature of our products is that it performs descaling, rust and oxide removal without damaging the parent metal. In addition to this, it gives a passive film making it corrosion resistant.

    Future gate works team comprises of a professionally qualified people with skilled labours making our business organization achieve new heights. We are a preferred name in the pickling and passivation industry catering to various industries.

    Our solutions have been adding value and life to our customers’ business and products.

    Our plant set-up is environment friendly whereby chemicals do not escape out to contaminate the adjoining soils. Quality, safety and eco-friendliness have been our standards and trademarks since the company’s formation.

    Our Main Services:

    1. Pickling & Passivation Stainless Steel
    2. Pickling & Passivation Carbon steel
    3. Acid Pickling Passivation
    4. Electro polishing
    5. Oil Flushing
    6. Inspection Services
    7. Retro jetting and Flushing
    8. Grit blasting, painting & coating
    9. Consultancy