Retro jetting and Flushing

  • Retro jetting of pipe systems can be described as a cleaning system designed for internal cleaning of pipes, process lines, sewers and tubes.
    Retro jetting has been widely used in Industrial Cleaning application for the removal of deposits from process lines, tube bundles, heater coils and sewer lines for many years.
    The nozzle water jets are allowed to travel through the pipe or tube systems by the natural pulling force created by rearward facing water jets on the nozzle head. When these powerful water jets pass over any internal debris the debris is dislodged and forced out the pipe system. Using the retro jetting technique, pipe internal can be cleaned and flushed from small diameter of 3" up to 72" and above.
    , far superior operational techniques than conventional flushing is achieved by the professional approach of our technicians.